The Crew

Director, Jonathan Glancy

Jonathan Glancy grew up in Seattle, WA hiking and diving throughout the Pacific Northwest and developed a passion for film at an early age. After a quick stint in the Finance world, he re-emerged as an intern at NFL Films, then as the videographer for IMG Academies, and now, a Producer at CrossFit Media. His goal is to produce stimulating documentaries and movies that explore sports, nature, and sustainability in our ever-changing world.

Cinematographer, Colin Sternagel

Cinematographer, Colin Sternagel

Colin Sternagel grew up with Director Jonathan Glancy in Seattle, WA, where they started making videos at a young age. Colin attended Western Washington University and received his Bachelors in Outdoor Recreation. Combining his degree and passion for film, Colin has spent most of his adult life traveling the world and filming his own adventures. Working alongside a best friend from school, Colin is excited to be a part of projects he believes in. You can get more info about Colin at

Producer, Lisa Glancy

Lisa Glancy, older and wiser sister of Jonathan, grew up in Seattle in a bicultural Mexican-American household and studied Urban Planning and International Studies at the U. of Washington. Lisa worked and lived in Mexico City for over four years before moving to Tulum to become a Divemaster in early 2011. There she fell in love with the community and their intricate connection to the natural environment, as well as living in the Caribbean. Lisa currently lives in Los Angeles and is working towards a Master of Urban and Regional Planning so that she can further benefit communities like Tulum in environmentally sustainable economic growth.

Production Coordinator, Quetzal Hernandez Rustige

Production Coordinator, Quetzal Hernandez Rustige

Quetzal Hernández Rustige is a German-Mexican who moved to Tulum at age 5 to be raised practically in the water. On the Caribbean coast, with a house pushed up against the jungle, Quetzal had an upbringing that would leave most people envious. He studied International Business at Hochschule Pforzheim and a Certificate in Water Treatment Systems in Stuttgart, Germany. Quetzal is excited to share his love of Tulum with an international audience in hopes to attract more responsible tourism as the town grows rapidly. He is currently working as a locations assistant for a movie in the Yucatan Peninsula.




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