About the Movie

The documentary Shades of Blue reveals the physical and spiritual connection between the residents of Tulum, Quintana Roo and the water ecosystems of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Shades of Blue will take viewers on an adventure through subterranean river systems extending beneath Tulum City along with mangroves and the Mesoamerican reef. The film will tell the story of the small beach town and its residents by exploring the very life source that drives their economy, filters their water, and brings them happiness in health and spirit.

Through stunning cinematography and a foreboding storyline, cave divers, Mayan priests, kite surfers, fishermen, and various locals will be brought to light through their connection to the underwater river system that flows beneath their city. The great Mayan civilization built their empire around the openings to these freshwater systems, called cenotes, and we believe ramifications endure for towns like Tulum today if they do not prepare for rapid population growth and stop irresponsible tourism development.

We will capture a moment when both economic development and nature must be harmonized. How Tulum chooses to preserve their national treasure in the face of a booming tourism industry may serve as a barometer to the physical warning signs predicted by the conclusion of the Mayan Calendar. While we seek to advocate sustainability in water ecosystems everywhere, we ultimately want our audience to ask the question: “What is my life source and what am I doing to protect it?”


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