Maya Rustige

Maya Rustige
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Like so many other Europeans, Maja Rustige fell victim to Tulum’s natural allure. Camping on the beach there 30 years ago, she had no idea she would return to raise her family in paradise. You see, Maja is from Stuttgart, Germany from a long line of precision high performance motor part producers. Today, Maja is the face of green living in Tulum.
Maja built her eccentric home pushed up against the jungle, with a close resemblance to a giant tree-house. There she raised her four children with a strong connection to the environment. She opened a lab to create Zama Cosmetica Natural, a line of biodegradable beauty products based on essential oils. Her most notable product, Mayatan, is a cenote-friendly potent bug repellant and a regional favorite among the locals. Maja’s commitment to Tulum’s water ecosystems doesn’t stop there.
Three years ago she opened Demax Tecnologia Ambiental Alemana S.A. de C.V., to import and install German wastewater treatment systems for hotels, homes, businesses and communities. This technology uses the same solid matter it treats to create biogas, which turns into electricity to power itself. Furthermore, it outperforms the municipal systems in decontamination so that the water that is returned to the ecosystem won’t affect it. As the town grows, this technology is a self-sustaining answer to managing the waste that comes with a growing population and growing economy.

On a smaller scale, she also sells reverse osmosis water filtration systems to turn Mexican tap water into drinking water that is safer and better tasting than what you can buy in a bottle. This technology also comes with a list of spin off benefits to the environment.

Maja is responsible for putting clean products down the drain, treating used water before it goes back in the ground and creating drinking water from what comes out of the ground. Cleaner waste, cleaning water and clean drinking water.  This is what it means to come full circle.

Today, Maja’s home is in the center of town. What was a jungle backyard is now a paved road leading to about 20 more blocks of mixed commercial and residential structures, schools and parks. Maja knows that growth is inevitable, and rather than fight it, she’s working and living for healthy and stable development.

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