Sian Macondo

Sian Macondo
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Eighteen year-old Sian Macondo is a professional kite surfer and Tulum native. He has spent most of his life monitoring the wind and water in hopes of the ideal forecast to enjoy his sport and passion. Cutting across waves and catapulting his robust frame through the air is where Macondo is at home – free. We filmed Macondo on two separate days and both times we ran out of batteries, unable to capture his full obsession with the surf. Back and forth he would stage tricks for our cameras, in a way directing his own fanaticism. Then as the wind died down he would pound his legs in frustration, leaving him as depressed as the swells around him. His goal isn’t to live in a bigger city and win tournament purses, rather to gain national exposure for his city and people; to teach others to enjoy the wind and water as he does through a kite school he can call his own. At such a young age, he understands the natural source of his livelihood, and with a sweet smile that makes girls of all¬†ages swoon and an adolescent voice-cracking laugh, he makes it look so easy. Follow Macondo’s kitesurfing site through Facebook here

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