El Pirata

El Pirata
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El Pirata toured us through Sian Ka’an, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the largest of its kind in the Mexican Caribbean. He is a true warrior of the Pacha Mama, Mother Earth.  As we glided through the ancient Mayan passage ways in between the mangroves, he explained the connection between the ocean, mangroves, and fresh water lagoons as means of sustenance for humans then and now. The highlight of the voyage was diving into a cenote inside of the lagoon where you could see the fresh water and saline water mixing together to form a halocline. The team and I all agree that Pirata’s passion for protecting the environment motivated us to make the film more than a 90 min show, rather a lifelong commitment to co-existing with the environment. We want to thank CESiak for loaning us equipment, space, and their best captain and guide for the shoot, “El Cosme” and “El Pirata” respectively.  Visit www.cesiak.org to experience the magic.



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  1. Sarah Snorkels says:

    Sian Ka’an is amazing! Did you see the star fish?

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